About Us

Based in the heart of Manchester, Tristone Capital is a privately owned buy-and-build investment company committed to the acquisition and growth of established, profitable and cash generative companies with established management teams who have a commitment to quality.

Founded on the principles of Ethical Capitalism, we believe that the role of business is to deliver value to all stake holders – customers, employees, suppliers, investors and wider society.

We are passionate in the belief that positive commercial returns can, and should, go hand in hand with positive social impact.

We look to invest and partner closely with management teams and entrepreneurs that have track records of success, having demonstrated their talents throughout their careers.

Our speciality is investing in profitable companies with enterprise values of up to £20 million, with good market share and prospects for growth, led by managers with both strong commercial and operational judgement.

Our Vision

To invest in great businesses to which we can add value through organic growth initiatives, acquisitions and operational and strategic investments.


Our Mission

Our mission is fourfold:

  • To acquire great companies, with long-term prospects for growth, led by management teams with strong commercial and operational judgement
  • To support management with our strategic and financial expertise
  • To create and maximise long-term value and returns for all stakeholders
  • To deliver positive social change through the alignment of commercial returns with social impact. We believe that the private sector can be an agile and effective driver of positive impact



Our Values

We take pride in all that we do and work to 5 core values:

  • Excellence: we strive for excellence in everything we do
  • Value Creation: to create and maximise long-term value for all stakeholders
  • Compliance: to ensure compliance and exceed expectation
  • Grow: to nurture growth and enjoyment in achievement, working together to achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Ethical: to bring about good in our actions and do no harm. To be kind, compassionate, fair and considered in intent and action