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Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits provides support to people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and other support needs. Their aim is to change the face of services and the lives of those they support by providing truly tailor made support.
Beyond Limits works in a multi–disciplinary way with social services and CCGs in line with transforming care from the large institutions and long stay hospitals to support individuals to live in the community so they have meaningful and rewarding lives. They use the Individual Health Budget provided by the CCG’s to implement an Individual Service Fund.

Everyone supported by Beyond Limits has:
  • Their own budget for their support – usually in the form of an Individual Service Fund (ISF) – it’s not mixed in with other people’s money
  • Tailor-made support – this means no two support services are the same
  • Their own staff team – support staff matched to what the person’s needs and what they are interested in
  • Their own home – which they can choose to share with someone else if they wish.