Care Governance & Independent Safeguarding Board

The Independent Safeguarding Board has responsibilities to observe and provide oversight of care and safeguarding matters and is accountable to the Board of Tristone Healthcare Ltd.

The role of the Safeguarding Board is to:

  • Advise portfolio businesses on the most appropriate policy and operational framework for safeguarding within Ofsted And CQC regulated services and advise on best practice in non-regulated services;
  • Provide strategic oversight for all aspects of safeguarding work across the organisation and ensure our policies and procedures are up to date and effective in protecting people who use services from potential or actual harm;
  • Identify, respond and escalate, as appropriate, organisational risk within community businesses related to safeguarding;
  • To monitor and evaluate performance, including scrutiny of performance data, understanding what is driving performance levels and making recommendations to improve performance;
  • To consider in detail individual issues where safeguarding standards have been compromised, or had the potential to be compromised, and act as independent reviewer to assist our businesses in learning from incidents;
  • To ensure that our businesses respond appropriately to changes in relevant legislation;
  • To ensure that constructive links have been maintained with relevant stakeholders and external agencies, including Ofsted, CQC, DoE, DoH, ADASS, ADCS, NHS England and academic institutions.