About Us


Tristone Capital acquires majority stakes in businesses that exhibit the following characteristics:

  • EBITDA £500k – £4m
  • Profitable operating history
  • Cash generative
  • Repeat or recurring revenue models
  • Committed and capable management teams
  • Highest quality of product and/or service
  • Clear prospects for growth
  • UK wide
  • Demonstrable social impact

Why sell to Tristone?

We are a long-term purchaser of businesses. We look for acquisitions where our management philosophy and expertise will improve the long term growth and profitability of the business we are acquiring. We remain hands-off, trusting the management team to run the business day-to-day. Through our light-touch management approach, we help unlock further business potential by utilising our strategic management, wider resources and proven value-creation platform.

We understand that each business has its own philosophy, culture and values and therefore we don’t look to make wholesale changes or fundamentally change the fabric of the company – we celebrate and build on what makes a business successful and unique. And rather than merging businesses, looking for cost or revenue synergies across our portfolio of companies, we employ a federalised structure where the business continues to operate independently and retains its identity and value base.

We differentiate ourselves from trade buyers and private equity firms in our approach…

Specifically we:

  • Don’t cut jobs to make more profit – we will retain and look after your staff
  • Don’t asset strip
  • Don’t look to unnecessarily cost cut – whilst we run a financially astute group of businesses, we never look to unnecessarily cut costs
  • Work with and invest in the existing management teams
  • Invest in the business and help it grow – this will be done in a considered and sensible manner
  • Quality of service always comes first and we will never jeopardise the quality of what has been built
  • Ensure your business will remain as an independent entity and won’t be merged into a larger group of businesses – it will retain it’s identity and brand
  • Will protect your professional legacy – we will help the business continue to thrive
  • Will never ask you or your staff to do something that betrays your values