Independent Safeguarding Board Q&A –Jane Foster

Jane Foster is a Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) for Tri Borough Children’s Services, and a specialist safeguarding advisor with international experience. Based in Cornwall, and a lover of bodyboarding and sea swimming, Jane is one of seven members of our Independent Safeguarding Board (ISB). The board is responsible for observing and overseeing the care and safeguarding matters for Tristone Healthcare’s portfolio of businesses. She recently spoke to us about her views on the sector and the importance of learning and development.


What attracted you to the ISB role and what do you bring to the board?
In my opinion, it’s innovative and ethical to have a board such as this in the private sector. What’s more, there’s also an excellent opportunity to learn from and support other board members, which is extremely appealing.

“In terms of what I bring to the ISB, working with the other board members, we provide high-level oversight and challenge [processes and procedures] in regard to safeguarding, providing specialist advice if required.

What are the top five things needed to create a successful safeguarding culture?
For me, it’s a commitment to safeguarding children; putting children and vulnerable adults at the centre of the business; developing a confident workforce who are empowered to speak up if something is wrong; getting the right skills mix; and making a real commitment to training and professional development.

Where do you see the sector in 12 months and five years’ time?
In the current political environment, it’s very difficult to tell.

What is needed to improve the social care sector?
n order to improve social care, we need a commitment to funding, as well as an understanding from the whole sector of the life-changing impact good service provision can have (and the damaging effects of the opposite).