Our Purpose

Our higher purpose is to provide safe, essential care and support and to improve and enrich the lives of vulnerable children, young people and adults whilst balancing profit, people and planet in all we do.
The world we live in is a complex place full of promise and potential in which everyone has recognised rights to live a good life. Here, now, in the UK, this is sadly not always fulfilled and those rights are too often broken.
Whatever challenges children are faced with in early life, and however the world’s complexity presents a risk to people’s enjoyment of life in adulthood, everybody is entitled to lead healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives that positively contribute to the world around them. Everyone deserves a safe and caring environment in which to achieve that.

Everyone that needs such help should be fully engaged in their own care and support, and their voices should help shape the support they receive and the organisational culture around them. Everyone within this community should be motivated and proud of the team they work with. Leadership in this respect is about uncompromising standards on behalf of the vulnerable individual whilst always promoting the development and growth of our people in a rewarding career.

We believe that helping people fulfil their potential is something always worth investing in. Sustainable commercial success really can align with powerful society impact and positive change for everyone. Delivering outstanding returns and outcomes for everyone involved is the method to achieve that. Strong principles of excellence, decency, sincerity, collaboration and creativity are the behaviours that will underpin our work.