Putting Purpose Before Profit

Putting purpose before profit – Tristone Capital joins Better Business Act

As a business, we strongly believe that helping people fulfil their potential is
something always worth investing in and that sustainable commercial success really
can align with powerful societal impact and positive change for everyone.
To support that mission, and to align with our values, we have taken the important
step of joining the coalition of businesses supporting the Better Business Act. The
aim of the campaign is to change UK law to ensure that every company – big or
small – puts balancing people, profit and the planet at the heart of their purpose.
The Better Business Act, supported by 800+ businesses, is a simple legislative
solution: by amending Section 172 of the Companies Act, it will ensure that company
directors are responsible for advancing the interests of shareholders alongside those
of the wider society and the environment.

The business-led campaign is driven by leaders who recognise that the law has
fallen behind business culture and we believe that the Better Business Act is a
unique opportunity to demonstrate UK leadership on a global stage – creating a
competitive advantage, driving innovation, accelerating progress to net zero, and
aligning with the government’s ambition to build back better.

Our mission is to deliver positive change through the alignment of commercial
returns with social impact and being part of the movement towards making all
businesses responsible for their impact on the wider society and the environment is
a significant step forward for Tristone Capital.

For more information on the Better Business Act, visit www.betterbusinessact.org