Our Approach

Tristone Community

We are building a community

In setting the Tristone Capital vision and mission, and discussing our future together, we realised that the best way to describe the type of group of businesses that we saw ourselves investing in and working with, was as a community.   The various ways that a strong, healthy and vibrant community works well together underpins how we wanted to be together. And so we are developing a community, made up of businesses in the Tristone group, where like-minded people connect together through a united passion and purpose to build great services and businesses and make a difference in the world.

The community Purpose & Principles

The purpose of the Tristone Community is to:

  • Develop support networks between group companies enabling sharing of best practice
  • Encourage growth and learning of our members through shared seminars, webinars and conferences
  • Focus the collective on the group’s higher purpose and vision

Community Benefits

As part of the Tristone community each business receives the following support and benefits. None are compulsory but we provide a range of benefits that each company can choose to utilise at it’s own discretion.

• Sharing of Best Practice Across The Group & Peer Support
• Compliance & Governance Support
• Strategic and Operational Support
• Financial Management and Reporting Support
• Human Resources Support
• Leadership Team Monthly Webinars and Seminars
• Independent Safeguarding Board
• Training Days
• Access To Our Network of Suppliers and Partners
• Access To Our Employee Benefit Scheme