Our Approach

Why Work With Tristone?

We are building a culture

At Tristone, we are working to build and develop our family of businesses. Our aim is to establish a strong, healthy, and vibrant community, one in which individual businesses can work and thrive both separately and together.

We are also passionate about the notion that sustainable commercial success can, and should, align with positive social impact. This is something we have come to encourage and expect from our wider community. We work with the intention of helping all stakeholders – our people, our customers and our partners. This is why we look to acquire businesses that share our mindset and can help expand our reach and mission even further.

The way in which we hope to make an impact includes:

• Investing in services and products that make a difference (you and your business)
• Supporting the growth and development of our people and businesses
• Establishing charitable initiatives within our businesses
• Investing in sustainability initiatives within our businesses

Why Are We Different?

We only ever want to be positive. We create a safe and secure space for your business to develop further. There is no hidden agenda to try to change the fabric of your business. It will remain independent within our federalised structure.

We make carefully considered acquisitions. We are selective in our choice of businesses and focus primarily on those with high-quality services. Because of this, we already know any business we acquire has worth and potential, with no need to make significant changes.


Our principles dominate everything we do. We always strive for excellence, decency, sincerity, collaboration, and creativity. These are alongside our core values of:

  • Excellence
  • Value creation
  • Compliance
  • Growth
  • Ethical

We don’t asset strip or unnecessarily cost cut. We prioritise your growth but do not feel we need to make cuts to get there.

Your people are our people. Above all else, the people that make up your business matter. This is why we value personal development just as much as wider business development. Wherever possible, we want to help your staff to be the best they can be; both professionally and personally.

We always offer team support. We forge close relationships with teams, working alongside management throughout – and after – the acquisition.

Selling your business is an incredibly complex decision, but with Tristone, you can rest assured it is in good hands.

You can read more about how we work with Busines Owners here.

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