Brand development

Tristone Capital was delighted to work with Stone & Co on the development of a clear brand identity that will help us facilitate the next stage of our growth. In the crowded financial world, we wanted to ensure that we developed a clear and engaging brand that would represent our unique vision and values.

On the project, Will Stone, chief strategist for Stone & Co said:

“Developing the Tristone brand required a deeper understanding of the company’s long-term strategy, its goals, and its growth markets. Stone & Co worked closely with Yannis and his team to identify the strengths, values and Tristone’s purpose. We undertook an in-depth analysis to discover the story behind the business.”


From ideation to creation was a relatively smooth process. We knew that we needed to create a distinct brand that not only demonstrated the quality of service but that reflected Tristone’s approach to investment and collaboration. This is the first phase of the brand’s development, but a vital step in establishing Tristone’s presence in investment marketing and distribution.

Spanning several sectors, it was key that the Tristone brand resonated with stakeholders across all of them, something that was particularly challenging to get right due to very different audiences each of our target sectors has.

The results are a brand we are truly proud of and one that represents our values and approach to business.

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